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What to do if arrested?

What should I do if I am arrested or questioned by the police? Well, you already know that you will likely be facing criminal charges and you want to know the potential #criminal #penalties involved. You must must must immediately invoke your absolute right to remain silent and invoke your right to an attorney!!! If charged, you will need to decide whether to plead #guilty or #notguilty. Then, whether to negotiate a #plea bargain or go to #trial. The #criminal justice system can be confusing. You’ll be arrested (often indicted) and arraigned where you will be required to enter a #plea and argue for #bail. Then, you start to prepare your #defense. So, that is why the first thing that you should do after you’re called in for questioning, or arrested or indicted or charged with a #crime is call a lawyer!! Don’t delay, call us today 228.467.0177.Header_Logo

If the office is closed, you can reach me via email 24 hours a day: @ [email protected] #criminalattorney #felony #dui #arrest #policequestioning #defenseattorney #wavelandattorney

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