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National Health Care Decisions Day is April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016 is National Health Care Decisions Day. Why you ask? Well by now everyone has heard of a Living Will, a Medical Power of Attorney, or an Advanced Medical Directive, right? And, most people have some idea what they want, and what they don’t want at the end of life or if seriously injured unable to make own medical decisions, right? Well, a National Day has been set aside to encourage all people to exercise a very important health care decisions right!

YES, YOU HAVE A RIGHT IN MISSISSIPPI TO REDUCE YOUR HEALTH CARE WISHES TO A WRITING and to appoint a Medical Power of Attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out! If done properly, those wishes and / or your medical decision maker must be given full force and effect by medical providers, family, loved ones, and care takers!

If you aren’t able to do it for yourself, then do it for your family and loved ones. Why? Tommorrow, I will share my very personal story to show what a difference it makes!!!

National Health Care Decisions Day link to resources and additional information.



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