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[Copy] [New Version] Can I Get My Arrest or Conviction Expunged in MS?

YES, NO, MAYBE SO. HERE’S WHY: In the State of MS, there are 2 ways to clear an arrest and / or conviction record: 1) expungement and 2) certificate of rehabilitation. Both require Court proceedings and a Judicial Order. Expungment is available for some Misdemeanor and Felony charges AND Certificates of Rehabilitation are available to Felons (who Read More

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Fatal Car Accident Facts that You Should Know!

Automobiles, one of the most important inventions of all-time, allow people to inexpensively and effectively travel greater distances than previous generations ever believed possible. Truly, car travel has revolutionized the world, bringing far away cities and communities into realistic reach, joining friends, family, and business clients across great distances. We cannot say enough about how Read More

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Does Roundup Weed Killer Cause Cancer or Kidney Disease?

Does Roundup Weed Killer Cause Cancer or Kidney Disease? In the 1970s, Monsanto Company developed the pesticide Roundup Weed Killer containing the active ingredient glyphosate. Since then loads of Roundup has been used in residential, municipal, industrial and agricultural settings. Over the past few years, numerous product liability lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto, alleging that Read More

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Beware of Dangerous Fall Road Conditions

Fall is my second favorite time of year, because the Mississippi Gulf Coast has plenty of beautiful fall scenery and activities to explore! Because we don’t have snow fall and cold weather (for the most part), many people do not associate the fall with challenging weather conditions. However, fall does bring specific seasonal changes that Read More

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While it is not mandatory in Mississippi to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, it is highly recommended. About 25% of drivers on the road in Mississippi are uninsured drivers, according to the Insurance Information Institute. What is Mississippi Law? Mississippi law requires people who drive in Mississippi to pay for the accidents that they cause. Read More

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Becky Farrell, Gulf Coast’s Choice for Car Accident Lawyers

Have you been injured or lost a family member in a car accident on the Gulf Coast or a surrounding County areas? Are you wondering how you are going to pay medical bills or adjust to other financial effects resulting from your injuries? Let the car accident lawyer at Law Office of Becky Farrell, PLLC, help. Our Read More

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Becky Farrell, Bay St. Louis Accident Attorney

What is an Accident Attorney? It is an attorney that specializes in helping people injured in motor vehicle and 18 wheeler accidents or under other circumstances, because someone else is at fault or was negligent. Accident and Injury Lawyers have taken beating over the years and are referred to with terms like “snake,” “shark,” “ambulance Read More

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SUMMER TIME ON THE GULF COAST – here’s 10 tips for preventing boating accidents! Don’t drink and boat! Drinking and boating can dramatically increase the odds that you’ll be injured. Boating under the influence increases the odds of a boating fatality by 34 percent, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. It’s also against the law. Read More

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IT’S NO ACCIDENT, BUT HUMAN ERROR that crashes and collisions are on the rise!

Roadway fatalities are soaring at a rate not seen in 50 years, resulting from crashes, collisions and other incidents caused by drivers. Just don’t call them ‪#‎accidents‬ anymore. That is the position of a growing number of safety advocates, including grass-roots groups, federal officials and state and local leaders across the country. They are campaigning to Read More

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What to expect during an Accident Consultation with an Attorney

When you meet with an attorney for a consultation regarding a car, motorcycle, or 18 wheeler accident case, here is what you should expect. You will  start by filling out paper work with background information: name, date of birth, address, phone number, and the like. When you set your consultation up over the phone, the secretary Read More

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